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Bad Nintendo BAD


So Nintendo has announced it’s first Season pass. Smug ass Iwata up their is ready to smack consumers with most likely already finished DLC given that they all have release dates for fucking MARIO GOLF. 15 bucks you get all the DLC this includes three new characters and a 6 courses with 18 holes each.  If you just one one or two you can buy them for 6 dollars each but why? This is Mario Golf!? May 2nd we will see the first of the DLC with the last piece coming out in June. I’m just so done sure this is Mario Golf a game that no one will really care about nor about the DLC. Still the fact this exists as a thing that is happening is scary. In this particular game it makes the games full price 45 dollars and this game has more content then previous mario golf games. Still I don’t want to find out tomorrow that Mario Kart 8  has a season pass then Smash Bros then who knows? Just stop Nintendo to the corner with you. 


Ok so what do you think about this stuff? I mean maybe I am over reacting but seriously this is the worse news about Nintendo i’ve heard ever. I can deal with not having a lot of games on my Wii U but if Season passes like the other companies are going to be here I don’t see why I shouldn’t just buy another console with my Wii U. Sure this is a 3ds game and I doubt this follows up but I can’t stick with it. I feel gross about this because I was such a none fan of the fire emblem awakening DLC. Maybe this is DLC done right but because it’s golf I just don’t understand it.  However, I doubt it given that it was announced before the games release.  Anyway I’m done. 


Rise and Ken will be playable in P4A2


Famitsu has shown a teaser image for their magazine revealing Rise as a playable character in Persona 4 Arena 2. However, not to long before this best buy had put out that the game has 6 new character naming Ken Amada and Rise as two of them. Since we are seeing Rise and the image is blacked out for the most part we can assume they are right about that.  We will most likely see a lot of information on the 24th  when this issue releases so stay posted for me. I might actually start getting excited for this game if Rise looks cool. 


Fatal Frame game seems to be coming to the Wii U

Tecmo Koei and NIntendo seem to be buddy buddy these days with Zelda Warriors coming out for the Wii U and now this new Fatal frame project. The Wii U may be getting a true horror game with would be wonderful given that horror games are still all the rage. They need to get the game out kind of fast if this want this to push consoles but regardless a new Fatal Frame is much welcomed.  

Apparently this game will have tie in manga, novels and even films of some sort. This is not rare for japanese games but still it’s cool to see that they apparently have faith in this title. 



Thank you all so much for following me still. I promise to keep up the daily posts so long as I am able to. Gaming in all areas is really exciting/scary right now and I hope you all continue to enjoy my thoughts. 

My ask box is open as always to any suggestions for posts or just conversation. I love when I get input from you guys so thank you all for sticking with me. I have some really awesome followers and i’m glad to meet even more really awesome people with tumblr. 

Side note if you know any gaming sites that are hiring and think id fit please shoot me a link to their site. I really need to start working come this summer and well id love to be able to do a better edited version of what I do here for money. Once again thank you all so much. 

Sony Sells It’s Shares of Square

So the other day I read this article about Sony selling it’s share’s of Square Enix and people in the comments were freaking out. I want to look at this with a level head and explain what this really means. 

Sony selling their shares doesn’t effect ps4 releases or Vita releases or anything like that.The fact of the matter is ps4 is preforming much better then the Xbone and already outsold the U. Square will still be releasing  their games in the place that will make them the most money. Nintendo doesn’t own stalks in Square and they had exclusive hand held games all the time. Sony owning shares simply gave Sony a stronger voice in the company and part of Squares profits with were down last year if I remember correctly. The most likely case is Sony didn’t see the worth in investing in Square Enix anymore when their public face is horrible and money is down. 

(Image from CEObrainz on Deviant Art)

Another thing I saw for no reason in the comments is people worrying that Square would put FF16 as a Wii U exclusive. First off I don’t see how that is a problem but secondly I doubt it happens. It’s crazy how on a thread about Sony and Square it can turn into a bash the Wii U because IGN says Wii U is fail tier. Id love to see KH3 on the Wii U and I won’t buy a ps4 just for Kingdom hearts so if things like that came out of it then yay. However, I rather doubt anything really changes from all this, who knows but even if Nintendo bought up stalks it wouldn’t be like buying the company. It would mean when the board gets together Iwata would be there attempting to bring Square Enix games directly to you. He could be outvoted several times or see how it wouldn’t make Nintendo money since they are invested. Owning a stalk in the company means that before Sony made money on anything Square made money on no matter what console. Sony just got to double dip when they owned stalks in Square. 

Lets call this a wrap, I hope you understand now that this really at worse means Square has less revenue for a while. This is natural in bussiness and some times things lose money, some times things die. Were not seeing the death of Square just an investor leaving. 


DLC in smash bros




Since the start of smash brothers people have been asking for DLC and this is a thing that really shocks me. The game isn’t even done yet and people think DLC is a good idea. The game doesn’t even have a date yet and people want to throw extra money into a game that they most…

I never got the hate for DLC. It’s more of the game after it’s been completed. If it was basic features or you’ll have a minimal experience without DLC, then there’s a problem. But in that case, it’s not really the DLC’s fault as it’s more how it’s being used.

What if they used DLC ONLY to add a few more game/adventure modes? Not new characters, because that’s unfair to people who can’t purchase it. Not more stages, because once again, that’s a little unfair. But if it’s on the adventure mode (or in this case, the 3DS’ Smash Run mode), it’s not quite part of the main game, but it’s an extra thing.

DLC shouldn’t be required for any game. And it shouldn’t take priority over stuff like bug patches (aka what the morons who developed Arkham Origins are doing). I also don’t think DLC should begin development before the game is released. But after the game is made, after it’s completed and everyone is already having fun with it, wouldn’t an minor extension be nice? 

First off almost none of the modern DLC is done after the game is released, If you don’t believe me all pre order bonuses are DLC.  DLC could be cool but it shouldn’t be a thing that is asked for before a game is released, that is my main problem with people asking for DLC.

We live in a world where we are conditioned to think that DLC is a need. Id prefer to get a full game when I buy a game. I don’t want DLC because id like 20 years from now when the servers are long gone for me to find a copy of the game and grab a Wii U from a flee market and still be able to play all the games content. DLC damages a games future same with games that need day one patches, it makes games less playable in the future. I like the idea of Nintendo titles being timeless, these games that are perfection of their times.

In addition it is so much easier to make bad DLC then good DLC. Good DLC for a game where you battle others is ever harder because it needs to be fair to the players who spent their 60-100 dollars since a lot of people are buying both versions. Seriously over all there is a ton of bad things and things could be bad. Regardless at the end of the day really people should focus on demanding the best game at release until after the Wii U version is released. 

DLC in smash bros

Since the start of smash brothers people have been asking for DLC and this is a thing that really shocks me. The game isn’t even done yet and people think DLC is a good idea. The game doesn’t even have a date yet and people want to throw extra money into a game that they most likely bought a 300+ dollar console for.The creator of the game said he isn’t even thinking about DLC until the games released but people think their character is so important yet not important enough to be in the main game.  I am bewildered by this when people on a fan roster will have a DLC section on their roster,  Is it that Capcom and other companies have groomed gamers to just think that the things they want won’t be included in the game and instead be locked behind pay walls?

Smash bros should’t have DLC, it’s a fighting game and no fighting game should have DLC. I could go further into the morals and what is and isn’t good DLC but end of the day if I bought a Wii U I should never have to pay extra for stuff in a NIntendo Licensed game unless it’s a real expansion and even then I’m one of the few supporting the system I think I and the other owners deserve some respect. What people are asking for is to be nickeled and dimmed if they want the full game. I want when I go spend my 60 dollars maybe even 100 if I buy the 3ds one too that that is the last dollar I need to spend to enjoy the game I spent from 60-100 dollars on (Before tax mind you). I mean seriously i’m sure a lot of people bought a Wii U just for Smash Bros and will buy a Wii U just for Smash Bros.  That means really the full smash experience costs that consumer at lest 400 dollars. Then people want to ask for 5 dollars here and there because “5 dollars isn’t a big deal.”  5 dollars may not be but then it’s 10, then 20, then 40, then who knows how much but people ended up spending more then the game it’s self even though you payed full price. The consumer could have bought Mario 3D world or Mario Kart with the money but now has download content that will be gone if her Wii U crashes after Nintendo stops supporting the Wii U. 

So I please stop asking for DLC, just don’t even let them think us here in the west are so stupid we want to pay more money for something before it’s even out. At lest COD players don’t ask for DLC before the games out. Lets all focus on asking for the best game possible at release not after release. 

Nintendo Advice Corner: Rock that Franchise


The Wii U is not using 1st party franchises to the max, so many parts of the Nintendo fandom have no real reason to get a Wii U. 3ds is huge, tumblr is selling 3ds like it was bread and butter. The main part of this subset of fans are fans of Pokemon and Animal Crossing. They aren’t necessarily fans of Mario, platforms, or even Zelda. On the Wii U for these fans we have Pokemon Rumble U with is a dumbed down cash grab version of a simple game. Then Animal crossing fans have an app. These things aren’t going to push this part of the fan base towards buying a Wii U. These people want a simple, fun, easy going game, with cute shit. Nintendo has so much potential variety but it just isn’t being used. 


Let’s name just a few franchises with know confirmed Wii U game in the making or at lest one that counts. Kirby, Earthbound, F-zero, Star Fox, Metroid, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem (SMT X fire emblem hardly counts given that it’s a cross over so we don’t know if it will be “Fire Emblemy”), Advance wars, Punch Out and Custom Robo. That’s just off the top of my head. I don’t see why we can’t have at lest one game from each of these series on the Wii U. They aren’t using these series to their full potential. Talk of these titles hitting the Wii U isn’t even happening. Now I know that Nintendo is very closed lipped about projects but Wii U owners should know that more then 7 retail titles are coming to the Wii U and when.


When we have so many Mario related games coming to the Wii U and 3ds at all times it really is an over kill. It doesn’t seem like we will be getting much more in the near future but who knows E3 could spill the beans on 10 more Mario games who knows. They could be working on most these series or a few of them or they could be doing nothing with them and making New Super Mario Bros U 2. These is so much potential in their franchises for cool games and I hate seeing it shut down. Lets see a actual new 3ds F-zero and lets see a Pokemon Wii U that goes past Gale of Darkness. It just seems like their only connection with fans is sales numbers but we want variety on systems we own. 

Holy Smokes Bubbleman new Ehero cards!


Elemental Heroes are my favorite yugioh deck hands down and heroes in general are really my thing. Now we are seeing some more support coming there way. I’ll most likely make a separate post trying to show off combos but until we have all the new support revealed from the structure deck it will be a bit hard to do. 

I guess I should mention this card does burn if two heroes attack each other, unless cyber dragons or heroes become meta this won’t really be worth running.


Another sadly disappointing card flash fusion is a weaker super poly that has no cost. I am considering running it as a one of for more OTKS since it is a quick play but being limited to fusing from the field is ehh. It’s worth noting that this and the previous card are not in the structure deck but since they were announced at the same time why not mention them. 


I love this card lets just copy and paste it’s effect. 

"You can only use 1 “Elemental HERO Shadow Mist” effect per turn, and only once that turn.

① If this card is Special Summoned: You can add 1 “Change” Quick-Play Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.
② If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can add 1 “HERO” monster from your Deck to your hand, except for “Elemental HERO Shadow Mist”.’”

It’s a shame you can’t use both her effects in the same turn but I really like this card. Set it and when it dies add an hero, we still need statos back but the more searchers the better.  If this card had better ways to be special summoned id love it’s first effect even more. I’m hoping this set gives the deck an easy way to special summon heroes (out side of pendulum summons) so that this girl can actually really live up to her potential. I could also just hope this is mistranslated and it’s on her normal summon that could be cool too. Also it’s when it’s sent so you can send it from the deck to the grave then add a hero, poly it then add a hero, it has plenty of options. 


You take an Hero monster and switch it (placing the hero back in the extra deck) for a masked hero with a different name but the same original level as the monster. This card actually has a lot of potential for heroes. Mask changing Zero into Acid was already strong but the OTK potential has increased rurther when you can then mask change Acid into Dian for another 28 damage. Or you could go Gaia kill something strong, Mask change Dian kill their other monster special summon it, attack directly other monster, Form Change Acid. It’s worth noting that as of now the only levels masked heroes are is 6 and 8 and the only competitive level 6 hero is Gaia. Still the Rank 8 possibilities are endless  

Opening up with multiples of this card isn’t even bad lets say I open up bubble man, Mask change, 3 form change, and mst.  Activate MST oh look I popped the warning, now Summon bubble man activate mask change Vapor pop the rest of the backrow attack 26, form change Dian add 28, form change 26, form change 28 good game. There are plenty of other ways to manipulate stuff like that too I was just showing a bad hand. 


Chaos Hero Chaos and Masked Hero Kouga are the names of these two unrevealed cards. While we can only speculate the details of the cards we do know for sure their levels and types. Masked Hero Kouga is a level 8 light giving it the power to be mask and form changed. Being light also opens up more combos allowing Shinning and Neos Alias to contribute. I’m having a hard time counting the stars on Chaos but It seems like 9 although i’m hoping for 8. For Chaos I hope it’s effect let’s it be treated as any kind of hero while in the extra deck that way it’s not limited weaker fusion cards to be summoned. We know this deck will be 45 cards but only know three of the extra deck cards meaning we could see another two hero fusions added to the mix. Id love to see a wind  and Masked hero to give them the full spectrum. The cyber dragon deck had 5 brand new cards so we should see at lest one more new card in my mind. 

A new JRPG hits Japanese Wii U’s

Alphadia Genesis was a phone game developed by Kemco and now thanks to the Unity Engine is up for download on the Wii U. The game doesn’t really seem worth it’s about 20 dollar price point but I do think seeing more RPGs hit the Wii U is a good thing. This game could be localized if a company picks it up to release it here so lets hope if they do they are a bit cheaper with the price point so more people can experience this game. 

Regardless I hope this starts a trend of Unity Developers porting their games to Wii U more often after all it seems to be a pretty simple transition. I want the Wii U to do a lot better then it’s doing. 

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