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Smash Bros Nintendo Direct announced


Smash Bros is having a Nintendo direct said to reveal 50, that’s right 50 new things about Smash Bros Wii U. This is most likely all the new features if not for maybe one hidden one. The direct is happening 5pm central time on October 23rd.  I’m super excited and you can expect any of the 50 things that are worth mentioning will all be written up about. 

I do have a question for my followers would you prefer instant coverage where I post everything as it’s announced or for me to wait write everything up, put it in a nice bow and release it afterwords. I’ll most likely do a full impressions rregardlessbut I want to know what kind of coverage you all would like to see. So what do you guys want?

Edit: Watch the direct at this location. 

Smash Bros hidden voice files found

So hidden voice files were found for smash bros. I’m late to talk on them but I want to talk about every voice file that super easy to explain and what they could mean. I want to mention before all this that it’s totally possible they got the guy to do all the old modes just to cover their bases and other modes to be cut during development. Plenty of data can be found in games that never ever see’s the light of day. 

Boss Battle: I think it means boss battle is returning. I don’t think it’s intended as 3ds DLC but more likely jut in the code of the 3ds game for if they had time to add it into the 3ds game. It’s possible that more modes are added to the 3ds version after you sync up to encourage 3ds game owners to get the Wii U version even if they will hardly use it. 

Tournament: Well Tournament mode was an obvious mode to return but I just wanted to mention I hope that it got a nice amount of revamps. 

Official Tournament: This might be an online feature that Nintendo will be supporting. Signing up for official online tournaments that could have gimmicks inside could be pretty cool. 

Event Match: Event mode returning would be very nice and it’s one of the many things I mentioned in a previous post that should be in the game.Event match’s are a very nice way to provide fan service without doing much of any work.  

Grab the coins: Coin battles may have been planned to return but been cut. I wouldn’t be shocked if they return for the Wii U version since I doubt it takes much coding. 

Special Smash: This could very much be like brawl and just allow you to mess around with a few gimmicky features or this could be a whole cool little mode now. Id love to see all sorts of rules as possible including every kind of Smash battle in Smash Run.  

8 player match: I think this sounds pretty awesome. It would have a very limited audience but online it could be 4 vs 4 using local teams online or even 4 vs 4 online with friends or random players. I think it wouldn’t be to hard to design this and just design a few larger stages to fit this in. Id personally love for this to be a very team dynamic based mode with voice chat on for your team so you can really make the right set ups and plays. 

Special order/Master orders/Crazy orders: I made a post about this mode already actually so you can read that here. Other wise just know it’s the modes we got teased on by Sakurai. 

Ticket Selection:This is a rather interesting one because it could mean a whole lot of things. Maybe it’s a lottery ticket system that can win you custom moves and stuff. Maybe you can win so cool CGI smash bros scenes. Maybe Ticket is a code word for teams for some team battling thing. 


Smash World: This has to be the main attraction for the Wii U’s name or the previous name for Smash Run. I could see Smash world being a world composed off all the franchises represented in the games combined. You can explore the world, find custom moves, fight enemies, bosses and maybe even other players if synced to online. Smash World as a name just has so much potential and if i had to bet this is the name of the mode we will be seeing be the star of the Wii U version. 

Why Trainer customization is important


"In terms of the customization of the trainer, that was really kind of a special thing for the Kalos region, which featured this kind of motif of France and really focused on this beauty and fashion aspect, which is why it was a prominent feature in that game. For this game, we’re focusing on adventuring elements, so we don’t have the actual free customization of the trainer, but you’ll see the items you use throughout the game visually represented; for example, when you’re underwater, you’ll have this little mouthpiece that lets you breathe. So there’s some cool stuff for how your trainer changes clothes and puts on accessories throughout the game." 

This was said about Pokemon on OR/AS. This bothers me and I wanted to explain why I think trainer customization is an important feature. I think the ability to pick skin tone should never ever be removed from the series. It should be as much of a staple as picking gender. Picking skin tone takes a considerably lower amount of work then sex and they didn’t outright say that skin tone is remove. I want to look at this from outside of that because dressing up is not the same as picking race. The race portion will be removed from the rest of the discussion but it had to be mentioned. Before I begin I want to note that in Pokemon OR/AS i’m okay with customization not being a part of the game because it’s a remake and all that jazz. This is me more talking about games going forward from this point. 

Trainer customization was a highly requested feature forever, people only really bought the horrible Wii Pokemon game so they could edit there own trainer. Getting just the very limited taste of free expression that Kalos gave was a fantastic thing. Maybe Pokemon company took some of the complaints about it as knocks to the system when in reality people just wanted a lot more options then they were being given.  Fashion is a major part of a lot of people. The way we dress informs who we are as a person. So the ability to dress up your trainer added more agency to the players experience in Pokemon X and Y. Instantly by seeing the way a trainer dressed you could get a small impression on how the trainer views themselves or wants people to view them. It’s a really nice bit that makes you feel like your the actual trainer and your friends are your friends. When everyone is just the protagonist sold in marketing material it removes a lot of immersion from battles with other players. “Oh look it’s me, vs me, oh and in the other room me vs other gender me.”  That level of expression made battling other players online and in real life all the better.Sure with the limited amount of outfits you would run into people who looked the same but the fact that most people didn’t was amazing on it’s own. The dress up aspect was also a selling point to some gamers. It was very heavily pushed in Japanese girls magazines along with Poke-Amie but that level of editing sold even males. Maybe it’s work for the development teams but I really doubt it’s near as much work as designing Pokemon. The character model exists so it’s just putting cloths models on the character models. Applying cloths to a model isn’t that hard with is why lots of games do alternate costumes. 

All and all what trainer customization represents is important to a lot of gamers. It should be expanded instead of decreased and if Pokemon keeps taking steps back with there steps forward people who say Pokemon is the same game every time are going to be closer to being right then any of us fans want to admit. I just hope that us fans voices get heard by the Pokemon company for future titles. 

Amazon leaks Smash Bros Info.


“The multiplayer showdown you know and love is now on the Wii U console! Take on all comers as Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, and more gaming greats. Or tap an amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller to train it up by battling with or against it. You can even pit your amiibo against a friends’ to see how your training methods stack up. Whether you’re creating stages on the GamePad, competing in challenges crafted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, or outwitting your opponents in a brand new board game mode, there’s no doubt that the ultimate Smash Bros. game has arrived.”


We finally have an idea of some of the new content coming to Smash Bros Wii U. Nintendo better do a direct very soon before everyone starts just saying what the games about. It’s almost just a month away and it’s stupid how little we know. This does give us a bit more to work with in regards with what to expect. First off Tower of Smash is fake because it sounded nothing like a board game and I am willing to bet that is the selling point mode. I love board games so I’m very excited for this and if it comes out in a cool way I’m going to be very hard pressed not to be buying the Wii U version of this game like I originally planned to avoid. So crazy order and master order are going to be challenges that were build by Master or crazy hand. That is interesting but it for sure isn’t the hypeist thing to tease us with.  It’s awesome to have the stage builder return I just hope it doesn’t suck. I may go into more detail with how the board game mode could work in a future post so keep an eye out for that. I’m hoping Nintendo will beat me to the punch line on that but we will see.  

Mega Steelix and Glalie confirmed

Right after posting my Pokemon site update post we got the confirmation of two new megas. I couldn’t avoid the spoliers on these guys before the demo and they are pretty much everywhere. Even the Japanese site has updated revealing these two. Still I wanted to post about them as well. I waited until we knew the stat changes but here they are. The mega’s are locked from region to region with is really lame since apparently it’s the only way to get these megas. Both aren’t really great as you will soon find out but still it’s a shame. Maybe on the final day cycle you get the other one but currently that’s not confirmed.  Until told other wise it’s BS that Mega’s are locked to regions and a demo with limited amounts being given out. 


Brock would be amazed by how cool Mega Steelix. The steel/ground Pokemon keeps it’s typing and changes it’s ability to Sand Force. Why give it sand force with the nerfed weather and it limits it’s potential teams. The community has put out a rough base state total for Steelix being Hp 075 A 125 D 230 SpA 055 SpD 095 S 030. This means Steelix gets boosts in attack, defense, and Special defense. This makes Steelix and even better physical defense wall and I could see it being used. However, people seem to prefer more aggressive Megas and it’s attack really doesn’t stand out. Still 230 base defense is amazing and is only matched by Mega Agron. It’s also defeated by shuckel.  If these stats are accurate then Mega Agron is a better Pokemon overall  since it’s attack is higher and it’s defense is the same but Mega Steelix does have slightly better Special defense. 


Mega Glalie stays pure ice and gains Refrigerate as it’s ability (Refrigerate makes normal moves ice type and gives them a 30% boost). Galie has 80 base state on everything in it’s normal form so for the totally balanced Pokemon getting any kind of buff is good. I personally am looking forward to a really really strong Explosion from the Pokemon. Being pure Ice really isn’t a great typing. The community has put out a rough base state total for this mega Hp 080 A 120 D 080 SpA 120 SpD 080 S 100.  It doesn’t gain boosts in it’s none aggressive stats but it makes it a pretty okay mixed attacker. It really doesn’t seem to stand out from the other mega Pokemon and is almost all around worse then a lot of megas. Still 120 base state is nothing to laugh at so it could see some play. 


Hp 070 A 110 D 075 SpA 145 SpD 085 S 145 are Mega Sceptile’s base state totals.  145 speed makes it tied for the 7th fastest Pokemon in the game and 145 Special attack is pretty damn good. I can see Mega Sceptile getting some play but it does lack a truly strong ability to stand among the “banned” megas. I really like the idea behind this Mega though and I think it will carry it’s weight. 


Hp 100 A 150 D 110 SpA 095 SpD 110 S 070 are Mega Swamperts base state totals. 150 attack is amazing tying it’s attack with Rayquaza and with it’s pretty high defenses I could see it as a bulky sweeper. It’s not weak to a lot and resists a bit. It’s pretty slow but that’s not a big deal given it’s role.  I think this Pokemon will do a pretty good doing it’s thing but if not for it’s great typing it could really be worse then Mega Heracross. 

900 followers! with blog/life update


Wow, 900 followers already. It’s amazing to see so many people wanting to read my content. Thank you guys so much, especially the people who make actual responses to my stuff. It’s always great to hear from you guys and hear what you think. Still everyone who follows me matters and just knowing you want to read some of my stuff matters. As always i’m totally open to requests for things to write about and totally open to looking into new stuff. 

So expect lots of Pokemon and Smash Bros content in the near feature. I have several Pokemon posts almost done and a couple of smash bros posts in the works. I’ll still be reporting on any big news for other games but I do have a few things I want to post about before they become more irrelevant. The demo mega’s are coming in a post tomorrow I think and the Smash Bros Voice leak will be the following day so long as no new news comes out. It’s my birthday this Tuesday and I expect i’ll be treated to a few new games. Along with what ever games I am getting I have a few reviews planned out. Link Between Worlds review is almost done, I have a Gunvolt, Smash Bros, and Disgaea D2 review I want to do since i’ve beat all these games recently. I also know i’m getting Bayonetta 2 on launch so once i beat that I’ll like do something like “Filthy casual beats Bayonetta 2 on easy then review it.” I also got a comic book post and a few other post ideas.

Anyway 900 followers awesome! Hit me up when ever you guys want and you guys an also find my content on if you want an off Tumblr option. 

Illusive 10/15 pic of the day.


This is a total tease, we don’t have any real details on the Wii U version that launches in almost a month  and we get this. Still I love speculation so I figure i’ll give speculating this a shoot. They are going to have to do a ton of work to make Smash Wii U a day one buy for me but tons of modes is a great way to do it. 


Boss Battle: The first thing that came to me is “Oh this is a boss battle mode.” Simply click boss battle, then hands and it split it up. Not having the pair appear as an option hurts that theory since obviously them fighting as a pair is in the code. This could be because master core or it could be that you need to unlock that by beating the modes with X amount of characters. It could also be that one is a normal boss rush and the second is the harder versions of each “normal” boss (EG. Mecha Ridley, Crazy hand, Mega Rayquaza).

Boss Control: I actually mentioned 3 different ways bosses could be used in Smash Bros for the Wii U in this post. One of the more obvious ways is assuming direct control of the boss. This is a solo mode so it could be a feature where you pick a hand and are tasked with destroying lots of characters. It could use some unique gamepad features since the master hand is unlikely to really play like an actual character. 

Master Hand Mode: I mentioned this in the previously mentioned post. More or less you create danger for your enemies by summoning enemies and stuff. Play as sort of a dungeon master stopping the AI from trying to take you down. I don’t see why they would split it between crazy hand and master hand if this was the case so I doubt this is what’s going on. 

Upgraded Classic:  Perhaps the classic we were given in the 3ds is represented by the master hand and then a longer and even harder version is represented by the crazy hand. The crazy hand one could not allow for the lower levels of betting to enter and maybe exceed the intensity limit. This however is really unlikely since how to play only appears on gimmick modes on the 3ds version. Classic and All Star lack the how to play as well as Smash.

Tower Of Smash: Maybe the tower of Smash Rumor is true but didn’t want to tell us that it was split into two kinds of towers. The master tower with functions are a more straight forward run of 100 floors and the crazy tower with more stage hazards and gimmicks to keep players on their toes. Even if tower of smash is fake this could easily be something similar. Yet, I doubt that this is the key Wii U feature making it unlikely to be the selling point mode. If it’s under solo, then another menu it’s more likely to be something gimmicky. 

Master Run/Crazy Run: Smash Run isn’t in Smash bros Wii U but who’s to say there isn’t a mode that is almost the same. This is unlikely because it would not be under solo then something. Still it’s possible that it’s a thing. This could be similar to adventure mode, not a selling point mode but an adventure like mode that has players have a fun little experience like in Melee. 

That’s all the possible things I think it could be in specific. I think the key to trying to guess it right is remembering it’s solo (although it may have a multiplayer counter part), most likely gimmicky due to being behind so many menus,  and has to make sense being split into two similar features. It’s also worth mentioning that an audio track can be found from the code of Smash 3ds that says Master Order and Crazy order this is very very likely the name of the mode. Boss battle was also found in the audio but these are all likely tied to the audio. I found it after writing the article but the things could really be tied to any of the modes I named minus boss battle.  If you have any ideas  on what it may be please share with me. Id love to chat about this and speculate further. 

How Pre-orders should be done with Tales of Worlds Reve

I think this pre-order is a very prime example of how to do a pretty good pre-order bonus. Pre-ordering Tales of Worlds: Reve is giving 7 themes with the first printing of the game. I don’t like the idea of buying themes but I like them, getting them as a thing to say “Thanks for buying our game when it matters to our higher ups most” is really nice. I don’t like getting locked away content cut from my game but this is an awesome cosmetic thing that will still make me as a fan feel more then serviced while not making it where fans who chose to wait on the title are now having to deal with a lack of that content. I really hope future titles follow this giving themes as a bonus since id like my theme to reflect my new game but I wouldn’t pay 2 bucks to do that like Nintendo wants. 

Pokemon OR/AS Demo NA info


So North America finally has it’s details, this is just a little bit late but I figured id share for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. If your not in North America then check out Serebii for the listing of every country and their events for the demo. I really hope my email comes on time because I want to write some demo impressions and I also don’t want to be spoiled on the demo. When the demo releases I will post about the new mega if it’s new but I will keep it in the spoiler tag if I get it on time before it goes wide. 

Pokemon site update, tons of new details!

We got loads of new art and details from the Pokemon site so i’m going to go through it all. If you missed the leaked info I won’t be recovering anything that doesn’t have new details so check the link here and here.


So the new Dexnav seems totally amazing. Search for the Pokemon you want using the app and it will search for one around the area. Then you’ll see it’s tail sprouting from the grass if it’s around, you need to sneak up on the Pokemon but if you do it right you can make sure you are fighting it. Depending on how the system works this could be amazing for shiny hunting but this feature is already amazing. I love being able to see the Pokemon outside of the tall grass and catch it. That’s a very charming visual addition and a very useful feature for completing the pokedex. 


The search feature doesn’t stop being amazing though. You can gain search levels and as you find Pokemon it gives  much better detail allowing trainers to find Pokemon with hidden abilities and special moves. This will be fantastic since hidden abilities are such a pain in the ass to get. Every new way to get them is a great new addition in my book. 


The Pokemon icons show where a Pokemon was found on a route and once it fills up it gives you a nice little crown to tell you you have found all the Pokemon in the area. This is another great way of removing the need to go online to find what Pokemon are in an area. You’ll know you haven’t found everything if  you keep searching until you get a crown. I want to note this crown is bronze and while the site doesn’t say anything about this it may be because finding hidden abilities and shines could also factor in. It could also be that the trainer has just found most of the Pokemon since none of the fishing Pokemon are appearing on the map and Tentacool and Pelipper are found by surfing as well. This could mean bronze is everything in one aspect, silver is in two, and gold is by all methods of catching Pokemon. It could also be that i’m wrong and bronze is the only thing. 


They confirm that the Safari Zone is indeed returning in this screen shoot. That is awesome and it’s funny because I just had wrote a post about me wanting it to return. I hope we also get the friend safari (Or a better version of that) but this returning is an amazing addition. 


I just wanted to very quickly mention how amazing it is that we get to see Pokemon actually out in the wild and gain their dex entries.  It also looks like when diving under water (However it will work in this game) that you will go into these green pockets to find wild Pokemon. The normal paths won’t constantly being giving Pokemon battle when underwater. 


Then they said “Oh people think the areanav is just a map just you wait.”  The area nav gives details on the places you select from trainers to shops to Pokemon all of it and more are in the area nav. It also tracks secret bases and berry locations. The Pokemon feature pretty much shows you what the Dex Nav has. 

The trainer feature shows off trains you can battle again. That’s right rematchs are back, finally returning after a full generation and a half of no rematching. You can see the trains status, see if they are ready to battle again and their Pokemon. 

The BuzzNav also isn’t living up to the low expectations. Instead it’s used to update secret bases with street pass news. It has other shows that will likely fill into the lamer side but at this point I can’t doubt this game. 

Speaking of possible cool stuff to come from this it’s possible by accessing the name rater show you can access the name rater from anywhere with would be amazing. 

Super training is confirmed to return as well as all other PSS features such as O-power, gts, battle spot, and Pokemon Amie. So far they haven’t show any new additions to any features but for the most part they really don’t need to. Id like to see more Amie mini games but outside of that i’m happy. 

The PGL has a nice new update allow trainers to share their secret bases although that can be done with QR codes around the internet anyway. 

We now know exactly how flying around is going to work. On the bottom screen we will be able to see a map of Hoenn, wild Pokemon will appear like the image above, touch them and you battle in the skies. No limits exist for these battles so you can use your Diglit in the air if you wish. You can also preform tricks in the air and land in routes, towns, and maybe even more. 

The Eon Ticket is confirmed for the west but details will be shared later so way to tease Nintendo. 

Instead of roaming Pokemon Latias and Latios appear to be event Pokemon in this game. Steven and the Player will set out to save them on an Island. I am going to assume you will be made to capture it or Steven will give the Pokemon to you since they play such an important role to exploring the world. Mega Latios gets boosts in speed, attack, and special attack. Mega Latias gains Speed, Defense, and Special Defense. These boosts might have confirmed numbers thanks to hacks but I don’t know that information. 

They didn’t really share new information on the megas but they reminded me that Fell Stinger is am move Bedrill can learn with is a swords dance that deals slight damage. That is pretty cool. 

I didn’t think after the leaks I could get more excited about the games but here I am even more excited. That is pretty much everything. I am making a separate post on the North American Demo release so more people will see it. This is a great set of news and I can’t wait to learn even more new details. We have one more Corocoro release before the game is out and Pokemon company is known for random information drops so we could have plenty more news before release. They are really starting to flesh out the Pokemon world in great ways and this could very well become my new favorite Pokemon game. 

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