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I just beat Devil Survivor!

I did Nanyo’s ending and I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t get to fight god. Though you get a whole extra day in over clocked I’m not going to buy a 3ds to replay this game though over clocked will be in my buy list if ever comes a time that I am in ownership of a 3ds. 

I like the game a lot but I wouldn’t say it is my favorite game on the DS due to a few minor issues I found with the game. While the music in this game is very good it does get old after a while. I read all the endings for the normal Devil survivor game and well none of them really please me to much due to lack of a real ending. Now more then likely you will only get 3 routes on your first play though since you most likely won’t know about the others so you won’t be trying to get them. Getting abilities on your team is kind of annoying more so when you lose most of it when picking Nanyo’s route.  

Other then that the game is very funny though annoyingly hard at times it feels rewarding to win it is a shame that it doesn’t have over clockeds endings since that is what seems to be the real good endings. I wish that DS2 would be localized but I doubt it since I heard some where atlus isn’t localizing anymore DS games though I hope that is a lie since Id love to buy Luminous arc 3 and DS2.  

Well only time will tell thanks for reading. 

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